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Thanks for your interest in joining Temescal Masters. Here's how to get started:
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  2. Register for USMS.
  3. Register and pay for your membership.
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Monthly Members

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Buy a New Swim Card

If you're a monthly member and you'd like to switch to a swim card:
  1. Login using the fields above.
  2. Click View Profile
  3. Click the Change Membership Level
  4. Choose the Swim Card level and process the payment.
If you're already a swim card member:
  1. Login using the fields above.
  2. Go to the Refill Swim Card page.
Note: swim cards are valid for five swims within three months of purchase. 

Need to Update Your Credit Card?

If you need to change your credit card number (maybe it expired?), follow these steps:
  1. Log in to Wild Apricot
  2. Select "View Profile"
  3. Select" "Stop Recurring Payments"
  4. Select "Change Membership Level"
  5. Select "Email-only Member"
  6. Follow the prompts to change your membership to email-only status.
  7. Once you've confirmed your email-only status, go back to "Change Membership Level"
  8. Select "Monthly Membership"
  9. Follow the prompts to reactivate your monthly membership. 
  10. You will need to select "View/Pay invoice" on the profile tab or go to the invoices and payments tab and select "pay recurring invoice" in order to enter your new credit card information.  

Change Your Membership

  1. Login using the fields above.
  2. Click View Profile
  3. Click the Change membership level button


Before signing up, please check out our terms and policies.


If you have questions about the team or joining, please email info@temescalmasters.org. If you have trouble with the registration system or questions about your membership, please email members@temescalmasters.org.
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